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Orion at Home

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Bundle Price: $290

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Orion at Home is intended for the individual athlete but provides the same scoring standard, ease of use, and coaching tools as the well known full version of Orion. Better still, Orion at Home smashes all previous price barriers. At $290 it is truly the worlds first and only affordable electronic scoring system.

The Orion at Home Bundle includes:

  • First year license to Orion at Home.
  • A Canon P-208 scanner
  • Your choice of
    • 250 Air Rifle Targets - 12 Bull
    • 500 Air Rifle Targets - 5 Bull
    • 500 Air Pistol Targets
    • 250 Slow Fire Pistol Targets
    • 250 BB Gun Practice Targets

Orion at Home Features:

  • Accurate: Orion at Home uses the exact same scoring standard as the full version of Orion. Athletes can train with the same scoring technology used in competitions.
  • Affordable: Orion at Home sells for $290. It includes the first year license to Orion, a Canon P-208 scanner, and your choice of 250 air rifle targets, or 500 air pistol targets.
  • Small and Speedy: Orion at Home was made possible by the new Canon P-208 Scan-tini. This new scanner has a small desk footprint (13” x 2” x 3”), USB powered, and scans about 6 targets a minute.
  • Decimal Scoring: Orion at home scores in either decimal or integers. International athletes can finally train at home using the same decimal scoring standard as used in competition.
  • Orion Targets: Orion at Home works with all available Orion targets, including air rifle, air pistol, smallbore, and BB Gun.
  • Easy to Use: Orion’s Auto-Score technology lets you scan and score targets at the touch of a button.
  • Shot-Group Analysis: Orion at Home includes Orion’s popular Shot-Group Analysis feature, letting athletes see common shooting errors graphically.
  • Virtual Matches: Orion at Home allows you to participate in Orion’s Monthly Virtual Matches, or any other Virtual Match you are invited to join.

Orion at Home is meant for the individual athlete and as such has some limitations compared to the full version. Orion at Home users may join Virtual Matches but not host them, there is a limit to four competitors in a match, and teams are disabled. All other features of Orion are included.

The annual renewal license fee for Orion at Home is $70.

The Canon P-208 that comes with the Orion at Home bundle has a 1 year warranty provided by Canon. Extra targets and accessories sold separately.

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