GVSU vs SYNU Smallbore

Smallbore Rifle: 3x20

08 - 20 Oct 2019

Allendale, MI

Competition Recap

WYOMING, MI – The Grand Valley State University Rifle Club participated in a postal match against the State University of New York at Plattsburgh Marksmanship Club from October 15-19, 2019. A postal match is a competition in which the competitors fire separately on their home range and exchange scores. The teams faced off in three position smallbore rifle (60 shots fired in the prone, standing, and kneeling positions) and precision air rifle (60 shots fired in the standing position).

In the smallbore team competition, the Lakers defeated the Cardinals by 114 points, 2156 to 2042 (out of 2400). In the air rifle team competition, the Lakers prevailed 2280 to 2092 (out of 2400). The air rifle team score was eight points shy of the club record for the Lakers. The aggregate team scores were calculated by the top four individual scores on each roster. Combined, the Lakers defeated the Cardinals by 302 points.

In the smallbore individual competition, Lakers occupied four of the top five positions. The match winner, Aliah Lloyd (Kalamazoo, Michigan), posted a score of 547 (out of 600) 13x. Christian Yap (Northville, Michigan) was the runner-up with a score of 547 10x. Joseph Lentine (Saline, Michigan) finished fourth with a score of 533. Collin Fox (Grand Ledge, Michigan), shot a 529 for fifth place. The top Cardinal shooter, Kim Quinn (Smithtown, New York), finished third with a score of 534.

Lloyd continued her winning ways by leading all competitors in air rifle with a score of 576 (out of 600), a season best. Yap finished second with a score of 570. Laker, Aubrey Jackson (Saranac, Michigan), shot a 569 for third place. Rounded out the Laker team, Cassie Coulston-Gerigk (Livonia, Michigan) shot a personal best 565 for fourth place. The top Cardinal shooter, Christina Dunn (Massapequa Park, New York), finished fifth with a score of 557.

The Lakers are coached by Head Coach Cameron Zwart and Assistant Coaches Gerry Cooke and Timothy Schmeltzer. The Cardinals are coached by Head Coach Peter Visconti.

Full GVSU Results:www.orionresults.com/team/TournamentPage.aspx?MatchID=1.3173.917039609.2

The mission of the GVSU Rifle Club is to provide students with the opportunity to participate in shooting sports, with an emphasis in smallbore rifle and precision air rifle. Students with all levels of skill are able to have a safe and enjoyable time at the shooting range while interacting with other students and shooting. All equipment, including rifles and ammunition, is provided. The club meets Tuesdays from 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM and Thursdays 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM during the school year at the Grand Rapids Rifle & Pistol Club (1331 Nagel Ave SW, Wyoming). New members are welcome year-round.

Up next, the Lakers will be wrapping up the Western Intercollegiate Rifle Conference October postal matches.

Please consider supporting the GVSU Rifle Club through a tax-deductible charitable contribution:https://www.gvsu.edu/giving/give-online2.htm?fundId=80818


Individual - All

Rank Participant Prone Standing Kneeling Individual
1 Lloyd, Aliah Kimberly (112) 187 - 5 177 - 4 183 - 4 547 - 13
2 Yap, Christian Lagarde (105) 187 - 4 179 - 5 181 - 1 547 - 10
3 Lentine, Joseph Edward (102) 188 - 7 168 - 3 177 - 2 533 - 12

Team - All

Rank Participant Prone Standing Kneeling Team
1 Grand Valley State University 751 - 22 687 - 14 722 - 9 2156 - 43

Complete Results

Individual Results


Team Results


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