Webb City AJROTC

Represents: Webb City High School AJROTC

Current Record: 6 - 1

Season Average: 1113.27

Game Score: 1083.4

Haughton AFJROTC

Represents: Haughton High School AFJROTC

Current Record: 4 - 3

Season Average: 1038.51

Game Score: 1040.5

Webb City AJROTC (2 - 0) 1083.4 defeats Haughton AFJROTC (1 - 1) LATE

Competition Recap

Webb City AJROTC Defeats Haughton AFJROTC

In an undisputed contest, scoring 1083.4 points, Webb City AJROTC gets the win over Haughton AFJROTC. With the win, Webb City AJROTC is in tenth place overall and second place within their 'Army Jrotc' conference. They currently have a 1 - 0 record. Webb City AJROTC was led by, Yaisa Walker who shot a 274.8. The remaining contributing members were Aleena Arias, Johnathan Tatum, and Katelyn Miller. Webb City AJROTC is from Webb City, MO, and is coached by LTC Dustin Elder.

Haughton AFJROTC currently has a 0 - 1 record. After the loss they are in tenth place within their 'Air Force Jrotc' conference. Haughton AFJROTC is from Haughton, LA, and is coached by Tony Zucco.

Next up Webb City AJROTC will compete against Marion AJROTC from Marion, IN. Marion AJROTC currently has a 0 - 0 record. While Haughton AFJROTC will compete against Grossmont NJROTC from El Cajon, CA. Grossmont NJROTC currently has a 0 - 1 record.

These two teams are competing in the Champions Division of the Orion National Air Rifle League. Sponsored by the Orion Scoring System, the league is a national team league for high school teams and junior rifle clubs. The Champions Divisions is the most difficult division in the league. The league has two parts. An 8 week regular season going on now, where teams compete for their conference's title. Followed by the post-season, comprising of two single elimination tournaments. Only the top 16 teams across all conferences advance to the post-season, to compete for the league title.

In each game the teams compete in what is known as a Three-Position Air Rifle match. The match is modeled after Olympic Rifle competitions but adapted to high school age athletes. Each athlete will shoot 10 shots in three different shooting positions, prone, standing, and kneeling. Each shot is worth a maximum of 10.9 points. The sum of points scored in the 30 shots is the athlete's total. The team score is comprised of the best four athletes from each team.

For more information on the league, including complete standings, visit https://www.national-leagues.com/

Box Score: http://www.orionresults.com/team/GamePage.aspx?MatchID=1.1.2022092213235006.1

Webb City AJROTC team page: http://www.orionresults.com/team/LeagueTeam.aspx?TeamID=1993

Haughton AFJROTC team page: http://www.orionresults.com/team/LeagueTeam.aspx?TeamID=2005

26 Sep-03 Oct 22

Rank Participant Region Prone Standing Kneeling Team
1 Webb City AJROTC Webb City, MO 392.6 350.2 357.7 1083.4
Walker, Yaisa (106) 101.5 91.5 81.8 274.8
Arias, Aleena (105) 96.5 85.0 90.3 271.8
Tatum, Johnathan (107) 96.7 81.6 90.2 268.5
Miller, Katelyn (111) 94.6 89.3 84.4 268.3
Elder, Gabe (101) 97.9 76.1 92.0 266.0
Burton, Preston (102) 95.6 75.1 85.2 255.9
Pennock, Avery (108) 94.7 67.4 84.1 246.2
Fisher, Samuel (103) 82.5 84.4 77.4 244.3
2 Haughton AFJROTC Haughton, LA 378.2 318.4 343.9 1040.5
Giddings, Candice M. (358727) 93.1 82.2 91.5 266.8
Merritt, Leland L. (397980) 95.7 80.3 86.5 262.5
Lewis, Katelyn L. (397981) 97.3 76.9 82.0 256.2
Briggs, Layla (421459) 92.1 79.0 83.9 255.0
Riddell, Preston G. (397984) 74.6 57.4 70.4 202.4

26 Sep-03 Oct 22

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