Washburn Rural AFJROTC

Represents: Washburn Rural High School AFJROTC

Current Record: 5 - 3

Season Average: 740.94

Game Score: 407.2


Represents: Milton High School NJROTC

Current Record: 4 - 5

Season Average: 939.40

Game Score: 975

Milton NJROTC (3 - 1) 975.0 defeats Washburn Rural AFJROTC (1 - 2) 407.2

Competition Recap

Milton NJROTC defeats Washburn Rural AFJROTC

Shooting their highest score of the season Milton NJROTC defeated Washburn Rural AFJROTC 975.0 to 407.2 in the 2022 National Air Rifle New Shooter League. With the win, Milton NJROTC is in nineteenth place overall. They currently have a 3 - 1 record. Milton NJROTC was led by, Skyler Harris who shot a 255.2. The remaining contributing members were Mason Maxsom, Branson Shuler, and Janae Snipes. Milton NJROTC is from Milton, FL, and is coached by Roberto Fernandez.

Washburn Rural AFJROTC currently has a 1 - 2 record. Washburn Rural AFJROTC was led by, Caylen McCoy who shot a 149.7. The remaining contributing members were Caden Layman, James Lee, and Mark Brunelle. Washburn Rural AFJROTC is from Topeka, KS, and is coached by MSgt Wayne Long.

Next up Milton NJROTC will compete against SGT Eugene Ashley NJROTC from Wilmington, NC. SGT Eugene Ashley NJROTC currently has a 2 - 0 record. While Washburn Rural AFJROTC will compete against Chaparral NJROTC from Las Vegas, NV. Chaparral NJROTC currently has a 2 - 1 record.

These two teams are competing in the National Air Rifle "New Shooter" League. Sponsored by the Orion Scoring System, the league is a national team league exclusive to athletes in their first year of competition. Teams are from high schools and junior rifle clubs throughout the United States. Over 10 weeks each team competes in 8 games. Each week, each team is paired with another team with a near equal skill level.

In each game the teams compete in what is known as a Three-Position Air Rifle match. The match is modeled after Olympic Rifle competitions but adapted to high school age athletes. Each athlete will shoots 10 shots in three different shooting positions, prone, standing, and kneeling. Each shot is worth a maximum of 10.9 points. The sum of points scored in the 30 shots is the athlete's total. The team score is comprised of the best four athletes from each team.

For more information on the league, including complete standings, visit https://www.national-leagues.com/new-shooter

Box Score: http://www.orionresults.com/team/GamePage.aspx?MatchID=1.1.2022020715310027.1

Milton NJROTC team page: http://www.orionresults.com/team/LeagueTeam.aspx?TeamID=1804

Washburn Rural AFJROTC team page: http://www.orionresults.com/team/LeagueTeam.aspx?TeamID=1835

14 - 20 Feb 2022

Rank Participant Region Prone Standing Kneeling Team
1 Milton NJROTC Milton, FL 368.3 283.6 341.8 975.0
HARRIS, SKYLER (104) 92.0 71.5 91.7 255.2
MAXSOM, MASON (105) 97.4 66.3 86.0 249.7
SHULER, BRANSON (109) 87.9 69.3 80.7 237.9
SNIPES, JANAE (110) 77.2 75.8 79.2 232.2
BARNES, LILYANNE (101) 91.0 67.0 70.0 228.0
ROY, SETH (107) 86.7 54.2 83.4 224.3
SHUCK, CALVIN (108) 85.5 45.3 66.4 197.2
FLEMING, KELVIN (103) 85.4 46.5 62.4 194.3
2 Washburn Rural AFJROTC Topeka, KS 195.6 90.2 121.4 407.2
McCoy, Caylen (101) 86.0 23.1 40.6 149.7
Layman, Caden (103) 64.6 30.5 47.0 142.1
Lee, James (111) 45.0 36.6 33.8 115.4

14 - 20 Feb 2022

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