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How do I print a scannable QR Code pointing to my match's online results?

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QR Codes are scannable two-dimensional barcodes. Most smart phones have apps that allow users to scan the QR Code to take them directly to a website.

During a competition, spectators, shooters, and coaches all want to see updated and timely results. By posting your results online, they have an opportunity to do that. A very easy way to direct your spectators to your online results is by posting QR Codes for them to scan with their phones.


  • Your computer must have Internet access.
  • Result Center must be enabled for your club or team.
  • Your Match must be set to upload results to the Result Center.

Option 1: Generating QR Codes for your Match from within Orion

  1. Open your Match within Orion.
  2. From Orion's menu bar click on 'Result Center' and then 'Generate QR Code.'
  3. Your Internet browser will open with a page displaying a QR Code specific to your match.

  4. Print the QR Code from your browser (perhaps multiple copies) and hang them on your range.

Option 2: Generating QR Codes for your Match from the Result Center.

  1. Go to Orion's Result Center and navigate to the home page of your match.
  2. Near the top of the page, in the third menu row, click on 'Tools' and then 'QR Code.'
  3. Print the QR Code from your browser (perhaps multiple copies) and hang them on your range.

Scanning the QR Code.

To scan a QR code with your phone you must first have an app that performs this function. There are many freely available apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices. In the app store search for "QR Code" or "QR Reader." Once installed, open the application and use its scan feature, pointing the phone's camera at the QR Code. If it works, your phone will open up Orion's online results.