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How do I conduct a 60-40-40 Three Position and Prone Match?

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During the outdoor rifle season, it is common to conduct a joint 3x40 and 60 shot prone Match in one, where the scores from the prone stage in the 3x40 count as the first 40 shots in the prone Match.

Setting up and running this type of match in Orion takes special consideration and steps. This is because an Orion Match has only one primary Event; an Orion Match cannot simultaneously be both a 3x40 and 60 Prone. To manage this type of competition you have to create two separate Orion Matches. One Match for the 3x40, one for Prone. The prone scores from the 3x40 can be imported into the Prone Match, thus allowing you to score the targets once and use them in two Matches.

Match Set-Up.

  1. Create an Orion Match with a 3x40 Course of Fire, with 5 shots per bull.
  2. Create a separate Orion Match with a 60 shots Prone Course of Fire, with 5 shots per bull.
  3. It is permissible to create the two matches with different categories or even different scoring methods (e.g. use Integer scoring in the 3x40 and Decimal scoring in Prone).

  4. Add all of your competitors and teams to the 3x40 match first. Assign each competitor a unique competitor number.
  5. Once all competitors are added to the 3x40 Match, import them into the Prone Match.
    1. Open the Prone Match.
    2. Recommended that there are initially no participants in the Prone Match before following the next steps.

    3. Click on 'Match,' then 'Import,' and then 'Participants.'
    4. Select the 3x40 Match to import from.
    5. After the import, update any Category (e.g. Classification) or Team Assignment values as needed in the Prone Match.
  6. It is critical that the competitors in the 3x40 Match have the same Competitor Numbers as the competitors in the Prone Match.

Preparing Barcode Labels.

  1. Open the 3x40 Match.
  2. Print and use barcode labels for 'Single Bull Targets' for each competitor. There will be 24 labels per competitor.
  3. For the four additional prone targets (series 9 through 12) there are two options:
    • Open the Prone Match and print labels. Use only labels 09, 10, 11, and 12. Do not use labels 01, 02, ... 07, and 08.
    • Do not use labels for the series 9-12 and instead have the competitors write their names on each target. Manually assign the targets or use Auto-Score for an Individual Shooter.

Conducting the Match.

  1. Open the 3x40 Match.
  2. Score the first 40 shots prone.
  3. Open the Prone Match.
  4. Import scores from the 3x40 Match.
    1. Click on 'Match,' then 'Import,' and then 'Scores.'
    2. Select the 3x40 Match to import from.
  5. Score and assign the final 20 shots prone.
  6. Re-open the 3x40 Match.
  7. Score the standing and kneeling stages.
  8. After firing is complete, if there are any corrections due to obvious errors or challenges , re-import the scores from the 3x40 into the Prone Match.