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How do I set up my scanner to work with Orion?

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Orion supports a number of Canon ImageFormula scanners. These are the Canon DR-6010C, DR-3010C, DR-M140, DR-C225, and DR-C125. To set up the scanner, simply install the drivers, select the straight path option, and specify the scanner for Orion to scan from.

  1. Install Scanner Drivers.
    1. Open the Orion software on your computer.
    2. From the menu bar click on 'Tools,' then 'Install Canon Scanner Drivers,' then the name of your scanner.
    3. Orion will begin to download the drivers in the background. Depending on the speed of your connection this process may take several minutes. Once downloaded the installation process will begin.
  2. Select the Straight-Path Option.
    • On the P208, set the "Auto-Start" switch on the back to the "Off" position.
    • On the DR-C125 and DR-C225, rotate the straight path option lever down. It is located on the bottom right side of the scanner.
    • On the DR-3010C, there is no special straight-path control.
    • On the DR-M160ii, there is no special straight-path control.
    • On the DR-4010C and DR-6010C, open the straight-path option tray located on the back of the scanner.
  3. Specify to Orion which scanner to use.
    1. Open Orion.
    2. Open or create a new match.
    3. From the menu, select 'Match,' then 'Scoring,' then 'Select Scanner.'
    4. Select the appropriate scanner from the list.
    5. Click 'Save.'

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