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Will Orion Score Wet Targets?

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Yes and no. Targets getting wet and subsequently drying will not effect Orion's scoring accuracy; however, the targets must be dry when they are ran through the scanner.

The important items to remember are:

  1. Targets have to be dry when they are fed through the scanner. This is a practical requirement. Because Orion targets are so easily torn, when they are soaking wet or even moist, simply running wet targets through the scanner can cause problems.
  2. Once the targets are dry, even if they are slightly warped due to the drying process, there is no discernible loss in scoring accuracy.
  3. If barcode labels are used, the match director should ensure that the printer ink on the labels does not smudge due to rain or moisture. It may be necessary for the shooter to write his or her name, along with the position and series number, on the target with an ink pen as a redundant measure in case the barcode label becomes unreadable.