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How do I interpret the scores Orion reports?

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Orion reports scores in many different formats. The exact format depends on the match, its configuration, and what exactly Orion is reporting. Below is a guide to the different types of formats and their meaning.

Series and Aggregate Scores: Integer Scoring.

Example: 383 - 8

Example: 94 - 3

This is the most common score format. The first number is the whole number or integer score the shooter received. The second number, after the dash, is the number of inner tens the shooter received.

Series and Aggregate Scores: Decimal Scoring.

Example: 391.4

Example: 98.2

When decimal scoring is used, this is the shooter's aggregate where every shot is scored with decimal (tenth ring) precision. Final scores are always reported in decimal. When integer scoring is used, aggregates that include a Final are the sum of the integer score from qualification plus the decimal score of the final.

Single Shot Scores: Integer scoring.

Example: 10*(10.4)

Example: 8(8.6)^

The first number reported is the shooter's integer score. This is the official score. The number in the parenthesis is the decimal score of the shot, unofficial, and used only as a reference by the shooter. An asterisk indicates the shot was scored as an inner ten. A caret symbol after the score indicates the shot was manually modified by the statistical officer.

Single Shot Scores: Obfuscated Integer scoring.

Example: 10*(10.#)

Example: 8(8.#)

Similar to normal Integer scoring, the first number represents the integer score, this remains the official score. The decimal value in parenthesis is obfuscated. This is to help prevent athletes and coaches who try to use this information in deciding whether or not to protest the shot value, a practice that is considered unsportsmanlike.

Single Shot Scores: Decimal Scoring.

Example: 10.4

Example: 8.6^

When decimal scoring is used, only the decimal score is reported. This is the official score the shooter received on the shot. Inner tens are never reported, and a caret symbol after the score indicates the shot was manually modified by the statistical officer.