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How do I merge results from two Orion matches?

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It is often necessary to merge the results from two or more Orion matches. This may be because the match was shot at two different localities, or the range was large and targets had to be scored on two different computers. The process of merging results is relatively easy. The key in doing so is in the match set up. All matches that are going to be merged must have exactly the same course of fire and all competitors must have unique competitor numbers.

The following instructions use the specific example of two matches at different locations (location A and location B) that need to be merged. The results from location B will be merged into the results from location A.

Setting up matches to be merged.

  • The local match directors at location A and location B must agree on the rulebook and course of fire.
  • Locations A and B both create their Orion match using the designated rulebook and course of fire.
  • The local match directors must also agree on, and use, a method to give all competitors unique competitor numbers. This includes giving non-firing coaches unique competitor numbers. For example, shooters at location A may be given competitor numbers 1001, 1002, 1003, etc. Location B may use 2001, 2002, 2003, etc.

Conducting the local competitions.

  • Conduct the local competitions as normal. It is easiest to merge the results after both localities are completed.

Merging the results.

With the exception of step 1, all actions are performed by the stat officer at location A.

  1. The stat officer at location B emails the Orion match file to the stat officer at location A.
  2. Save the emailed file to a convenient location, for example the Windows Desktop.
  3. Open Orion and open the match shot at location A.
  4. Add the participants from location B by going to 'Match' then 'Import' and then 'Particpants.' Select the match file from location B.
  5. Import the scores from location B by going to 'Match' then 'Import' and then 'Scores.' Again, select the match from from location B.

Best Practice Hint.

The stat officer at location A should use Orion's Result Center to upload merged results to the Internet. All shooters from both locations will be able to see the final results. View the How do I upload results to the Result Center FAQ for more information.