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How do I include an athletes team or club name on the individual score sheet?

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When printing individual results, Orion can include each shooter's coach's name, hometown, and team name. Orion will include as much of this information that is entered per shooter on the Match Competitor's tab.

Displaying a shooter's demographic information on individual result print outs.

  1. Click on Orion's 'Match Results' tab.
  2. Select the result to print.
  3. Check (enable) the 'Include Coach' and 'Hometown' on Printout option.
  4. Click the 'Print Results' button.

Displaying a shooter's demographic information on individual score sheets.

Individual score sheets always include an athlete's hometown, team, and organization.

Hint for individuals not on a formal team.

If an individual shooter is not on a team, listing his or her club name requires extra steps. First, create a fictitious team (e.g. Union Grove Individuals), then add the individual shooter to the newly created team.