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How do I run a final with Orion using multiple bull targets?

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Start the final after all qualification scores are posted and shooters have had an opportunity to protest. Line the top 8 shooters up from left to right (highest qualification score on the left). Hang one 10 bull target for each shooter, make sure the shooter's "F1" barcode label is on his or her target.

Run the final normally, one shot at a time. To build excitement, have the shooters (or a volunteer behind the shooter with a spotting scope) call off his or her score after each shot.

Following the 10th shot, have the shooters lower their rifles and insert clear bolt indicators. The shooters should not leave the firing line.

Collect the targets and score them with Orion.

Check for ties. If there are ties, call the tied shooters back to the firing line. The remaining shooters should step back but not pack their gear up to avoid distracting the tied shooters.

The tied shooters get a three minute sight in period.

Fire one shot at a time in the normal final format. After each shot, the range officer should check the shot value of the shot, using a spotter scope. If the tie is clearly broken announce the winner. Otherwise continue shooting.

Once the tie is clearly broken, score the targets with Orion. Mark the shoot-off targets as Final stage 2.