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Participent Permissions Definitions

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Below is an outline of what each check-box does under Match Competitor tab in the Orion Scoring System on your Desktop.

Participent Rolls:

  • Athlete - Lists the participant on the Match Scoring tab, and lists the participant on the Squadding List. All competing athletes must have this checked.
  • Coach - Makes this participant selectable in the Coach drop down list on Orion Scoring System (Desktop).
  • Range Officer* - Gives participant access to create and view Incident Report, and to take target images (on supported matches & targets) when using Orion Mobile
  • Statistical Officer* - Gives participant permission to create and view incident reports, take target images, and update registration information when using Orion Mobile. This user has full control in the app.
  • Registration* - Gives participant permission to update registration information (last name, first name, attribute values, etc) when using Orion Mobile.

Registered (Orion Mobile) email addresses are required for Range Officer, Statistical Officer, and Registration users.

* Apply to Orion Mobile App.