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What are some Best Practices for running a competition with Orion?

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The best way to help ensure a competition runs smoothly is to use Orion in day-to-day practices.

Before the Competition.

  • Check that your version of Orion is up-to-date.
  • Check that your license is up-to-date.
  • Practice with Orion. Run a series of mock matches to make sure each step in the process runs smoothly (scanning, loading targets, scoring targets, printing results).
  • Create the Orion match file in advanced, perhaps 2 to 3 weeks early.
  • Enable cloud backup of your Match or Match and target image files.
  • Add competitors, coaches, and teams as the entries come in.
  • Use descriptive team names. For example "West Potomac High School" instead of "WPHS."
  • Organize competitors to their respective relays.
  • Keep the number of shooters per relay at a reasonable level. The number of shooters per relay depends on the user's skill level with Orion, scanner speed, and use of single or multiple bull targets.
  • Pre-print barcode labels and apply the labels to the targets for each shooter.

During the Competition.

  • Enable the Result Center to automatically post results online.
  • Clean your scanner between each relay's set of targets. Use canned air to blow out any dirt or target debris.
  • Print out scanable QR Codes so competitors and spectators know where to find the results online.
  • Have at least one assistant available who can track down missing targets, find coaches to answer questions, post results, and so on.
  • Resolve all green, yellow, red, or gray highlighted targets before printing results.
  • After each relay, print individual score sheets for each shooter. Arrange the targets with the score sheets for collection by the shooters or coaches.

Going the Extra Mile.

  • Write up an online match preview before the competition and a recap after the competition.
  • Display scores on the range using a projector and Orion's online Scoreboard.
  • Have target pullers available and ready to retrieve targets as soon as the last shot is fired and the range is safe.
  • Have an awards ceremony as soon as possible after the last relay is complete.

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