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High Power Rifle and Centerfire Pistol Scorecards

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Scorecard Type

Orion High Power Rifle and Centerfire Pistol Scorecards are a part of the Orion Scoring System for automated electronic scoring. Orion High Power Rifle Scorecards are specially designed to be scanned using a commodity scanner and scored using the Orion software.

Orion High Power Rifle and Centerfire Pistol Scorecards can be used for NRA Highpower matches, CMP Service Rifle matches, CMP Service Pistol, or CMP Rimfire Pistol matches.

An "Orion for Clubs," or "Orion at Home" license is required to score this target. One scorecard is needed for each stage of shooting. For example, in a National Match Course 4 scorecards are needed, one each for 200yd. Standing, 200yd. Sitting, 300yd. Prone, and 600yd. Prone.

Want to learn how to use Orion Scorecards, read our FAQ on this subject.

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