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Athena: The World's First Affordable Electronic Scoring Target

Read our Athena FAQ to learn more.

Product Line

NC100 Electronic Scoring Target

Designed for 10m Air Rifle, 10m Air Pistol, and 5m BB Gun. Built in internal lighting up to 4500lx.

Price: $720

Optional Components

  • Optional Target Lift: $220
  • Optional Backstop for Air Gun: $100
  • Optional Red and Green Safety Lights: Free with NC100 order

DoW100 Athlete Display

Indoor athlete display with a touchscreen monitor and an intuitive user interface.

Price: $360

MM100 Spectator Display

Price: $150

TVs Sold Separtely

Alternating Displays For

  • Athlete scores
  • Ranked lists
  • Club, School, or Sponsors graphics

Athlete Table

Price: $300

Free laser engraving of your school or club emblem.

Two options are avaliable.

  • Three-Position shooting
  • International shooting


  • 40in: $200
  • 50in: $300
  • 70in: $660
  • Wall Mount: $100

WIFI Equipment

Router: $60

Access Point: $180

Network Manager

For 1 to 30 Firing Points: $600

For 30 to 80 Firing Points: Call

Contact us for an official quote.
Interested in making a purchase? Visit our Buyers Guide.
Pre-production Athena for Clubs orders will receive a $100 per firing point discount.

Athena for Clubs

  • Each firing point requires a NC100 target and DoW100 monitor.
  • Internet is recommended but not required (except for updates).
  • Dedicated WIFI network.
  • Network server to manage communications.
  • Support for up to 80 firing points.
  • Orion is used for match management, target configuration, and results.
  • Anticipated production release: October 2020
  • Pre-production orders being accepted now.

Athena at Home

  • Internet of Things enabled.
  • NC100 Target is required.
  • Athletes may use either the DoW100 or any internet browser as their monitor.
  • Home WIFI network is required with access to the Internet.
  • Orion and the Network Manager are not required.
  • Not yet avaliable for orders or pre-sales.